Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Teen Punished for Stopping Bullies From Harassing a Special Needs Girl

Teen Punished for Stopping Bullies From Harassing a Special Needs Girl

A Florida high school student made a stand against bullying and is now in the hot seat with school officials. For months, 18-year-old Stormy Rich witnessed a girl with special needs being bullied by her peers on the way to school. "They would be mean to her, tell her she couldn't sit on certain spots on the bus...just because she doesn't understand doesn't mean that should be happening to her," Rich told WOFL-TV.

Rich says she reported the incidents to the bus driver and school officials. When they didn't take action, she stepped in and confronted the bullies; but instead of being praised for her efforts, Rich ended up being labeled as a bully, and her bus-riding privileges were revoked. A spokesperson for the school district said, "Two wrongs don't make a right" and that the girl with special needs never complained about being bullied.

Stormy's mother, Brenda, told The Daily Commercial, "My daughter was punished incorrectly. Stormy was standing up for a child with emotionally challenged disabilities that should not have been bullied. The district's policy clearly states that anybody in good faith files a report on bullying will not face any repercussions and she is."

What exactly was said on the bus is unclear; however, if a student says bullies are harassing another child, why does it take so long for schools to take action? We live in a country where 13 million kids are bullied each year and more often than not, the behavior occurs on the bus.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Video blog: when lawsuits are a last resort for Moms...

Getting services for children with autism is still a problem for too many moms. Had a nice lunchtime visit with one Mom, where the topic came up, as seen in the video segment below. It should not come to having to sue a school district to get services but that is the case for some mothers. Hopefully there are better avenues to resolve problems before they get that far. One thing struck me in making this video. Tyler Cowen's book on "the autistic economy" asserts that the digital era has opened up bold new opportunities for persons with autism. But what if kids or adults with autism do not have much interest in computers or digital technology?

On another note, this mom did negotiate a super discount on a Walmart display video camera - 20% and no more the manager said firmly. But she kept smiling and asking and he caved for over 30%. I got a snippet of the moment on film. She was impressive!

click for video..

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ponce inlet beach fun: sand, surf, sea and summer - Autism awareness event

Got down to Port Orange- August 2011. Nice time. A lot of kids in the water enjoying themselves. Great flyby of aircraft which I captured in the video below. Also talked to some vendors and learned a few things- such as the uses of chiropractic in helping kids with autism. Some unusual products on the beach as well. Check it out.

Video - Ponce inlet surfing fun


Man charged with decapitating 7-year-old special needs boy

From the files that make you sick:

I can imagine the stress of constant care and worry for special needs children but murder?

THIBODAUX, La. - Authorities say a Louisiana man is accused of decapitating his disabled 7-year-old son and leaving the boy's head near the street.

Thibodaux Police Chief Scott Silverii says 30-year-old Jeremiah Lee Wright has confessed to killing Jori Lirette. Wright was booked with first-degree murder and being held Monday in lieu of $5 million bond.
The Houma Courier reports police have accused Wright of using a meat cleaver to decapitate the boy over the kitchen sink. A driver noticed the boy's head by the side of the road and called police; his body was in a nearby trash bag.
Silverii says the motive is unclear, though Wright told police he was tired of taking care of the boy, who, according to the Courier, had cerebral palsy and limited mental capabilities. Jori Lirette was confined to a wheelchair and required a feeding tube.